RuQing G. Xu



Welcome to the Homepage of RuQing Xu

CV (Incomplete)

Software Devs.

BLIS for Arm SVE in collaboration with Dr. S. Nassyr from Forschungszentrum J├╝lich. Performance tuned for A64fx has beaten both vendor libraries (SSL2 and ArmPL).

BLIS.jl Julia wrapper for BLIS.

BliContractor.jl Julia wrapper for TBLIS, compatible with TensorOperations.jl. I promise this would be much better than the rough TBLIS.jl.

Pfaffine LAPACK-level fast computation for Pfaffian & inverse of antisymmetric matrices. Forks BLIS (see also above) for matrix-multiplication performance of antisymmetric.

mVMC Accelerated up to 6x with Pfaffine above (Public on GitHub). Maintaining a frok with t-J Model Support, Windows Compilation Support, Projection-consistent RBM Extension, etc. (Private. Public variant in preparation.)

PostLattice for Generating Green Function Input and Analyzing Results for mVMC

HANDE Fork With Complex and 2-Body Operator Support for DMQMC

Mac-Word-CtrlA for Restoring Emacs-like Shortcuts Like C-a and C-e on Mac

My Homeworks for the undergraduate Compulational Physics Course

KeePass on .NET 5.0 A clumsy retargeting.

BlaSwitch.jl if you'd like to swith Julia's BLAS vendor (to, e.g. the one on Fugaku).